Clear Round Seals 1" diameter Industrial Strength Extreme Stick Adhesive. Most aggressive hold.
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1" - One Inch Round Clear Circle Labels
Extreme Stick
500 Labels per Roll
We manufacture these these Extreme Stick Labels for projects that need more tack level to stay shut & secure the package. 
1" and 1.5" sizes are very popular, and we also make the Extreme Stick Labels in .75", 2", 3", 2.5" x 1" rounded corner rectangles, & 1.5" x .5" rounded corner rectangles. 
These package seals have an even stronger hold than our Super Stick line of clear round labels.

Many projects will be just fine with our more affordable Super Stick Labels or ProLabel Standard Permanent poly labels.  Our Standard Permanent labels have a stronger tack level than the industry norm as well.  
Extreme Stick labels are the strongest adhesive we can make, for the most permanent hold possible.  These clear labels were specially formulated to offer the best seal possible.  When you seal your packages with Extreme Stick Labels, you may be able to peel them off with a lot of work, but you should probably plan on having to cut the package open.

These crystal clear labels can significantly reduce theft and tampering when used as security labels and seals. 
Top quality "Ultra Clear" security labels are made of see thru polystyrene label stock.
Permanent pressure sensitive self-adhesive label seals.  Use these security seals for sealing software boxes, medical packaging, sealing electronics, sealing cases and mailing tabs and seals.

Also a great way to seal grocery packages or health and beauty aids.
  • Type: Extreme Stick
  • Type: One inch clear circles
  • Size: 1" round
  • Application: Seal boxes for tamper resistance
  • Quantity: 500 labels to a roll
  • Adhesive: Extreme Stick Industrial StrengthPermanent
  • Condition: New
  • Availability: In stock


  • Adhesive: Extreme Stick Most Permanent Adhesive
  • Application: Sealing packages / boxes for retail, storage, or medical purposes
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Brand: Professional Label
  • Color: Crystal Clear
  • Condition: New
  • Item #: 1CIRES
  • Label Size: 1" Inch
  • Material: Polypropylene 2 Mil
  • Quantity: 500
  • Shape: Round
  • UPC: 608819893822
  • Item #: 1CIRES

1" Round Clear Label Extreme Stick 500 Item 1CIRES

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